Monitored Investing

Investing has become needlessly complicated.

Many people and firms in our industry create an illusion of a problem with their competitors in order to sell a product that, frankly, doesn’t really do anything for you.

You should invest at the intersection of your 1. Risk Tolerance and 2. Time Horizon.

This is not a new adage. It’s decades old. We think too many investors have been swamped by advertisements and sales pitches promising returns and cult-like inclusion that there is a need in the marketplace for someone doing the basics. Risk and time are the building blocks to allocation, diversification, and selection.

Our monitored investing package does this.

In this package, we are not concerned about getting your accounts under our management — KEEP THEM WITH THE OTHER FIRM. We want to offer a risk analysis and talk to you about your time horizon. We will make a model portfolio for you, with instructions on how to invest which you can have you current firm do for you.

Two Extras!

Portfolio Review
We will look at your current portfolio. This portfolio review will take the actual investments you have and calculate various metrics of interest. This is a great way to learn more about how the investment world works and will give you perspective.

Plan Selection
Do you have a 401(k) or other profit sharing plan at your job? We would like to help you know a little more about that long list of funds and ETFs. We can get very detailed data on each of those options, and help you make those allocations with purpose and confidence.

We can get all of this done for you in three meetings.

The Initial Meeting
The initial meeting is for you to meet us and begin sharing your concerns. We will map out what work needs to be done and identify special areas of interest.

The Strategic Meeting
The strategic meeting is us presenting to you our reports and suggestions. Ask as many questions as you like. Let us know if you’d like us to consider some different scenarios or new variables.

The Annual Review
The annual review is typically 4-8 months later. This is a check-up meeting. Have things changed? Are you feel more confident, less confident? Do you have a new idea you’d like us to consider? We’re also happy to sit with you and review performance.

If you need more than 3 meetings, no problem, and no extra charge.

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