Money Is A Tool For Happiness

Just because you have a hammer doesn't mean you are a carpenter.
Just because you have money doesn't mean you are happy.



Gathering your financial data is hard. We can show you what data to get how to organize it, and what it all means for your future.



We will help you set goals. Together, we'll figure out what's reasonable, the path, and the needed steps. All of this will be brainstormed, written down, and reviewed.



Once the plan is in place and you start seeing results, we'll be there to further assess and refine your financial plan.

Depression is the #1 Disability in America*

Non-Chemical Causes of Depression: #1 Financial Anxiety

72% of Adult Americans: Significant Money Anxiety Monthly

75% of Millennials: Significant Money Anxiety Monthly

77% of Parents of Young Children: Significant Money Anxiety Monthly

According to a (2007-2014) American Psychiatric Association Study

Our Mission

Our mission is to organize America's personal finances and eradicate financial insecurity.


Fiduciary Responsibility

The client's needs are priority one.


Organized Communication

Monthly contact between advisors and clients helps to inform, express, and manage expectations for both parties.


Good People Helping Good People

The worth of a person is measured by character and action, not by the ability to accumulate.



Help those who truly want help even if they cannot pay.

Monitored Investing

$299 /yr.
(or $30/month)

  • Initial, Strategic, Annual Reviews
  • Risk Finder
  • Portfolio Review
  • Plan Selection

Monitored Planning

$599 / yr. (or $60/month)

  • All Features from Monitored Investment Plus:
  • Cash Flow
  • Balance Sheet
  • Household Budget

Comprehensive Investing

0.5% - 2.0% Fee Based On AUM

  • All Features From Monitored Planning Plus:
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Tax Loss Harvesting
  • Conflict-of-Interest Free
  • No Transaction Fees
  • No Front or Backend Load Commissions

Comprehensive Planning

$2,400/yr (or $300/month)

  • All Features From Comprehensive Investing Plus:
  • What-if? Models
  • Benefit Review
  • Tax Review
  • Estate Plan
  • Credit Review
  • Family Meetings

We Help With:

Cash Flow Planning

Charitable Gifting

Parental Elder Care

Assest Allocation

College Savings

Estate Planning

SERP/SAR/RSU Consulting

Qualified Plan Rendering

Stock Option Strategies

Risk Analysis

Probability Studies

Continuity Strategies

Ongoing Performance Monitoring

Employment Contract Consulting

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