Swing the Hammer

Use Money as a Tool for Personal Growth, Strong Marriage, & Raising Terrific Kids

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1. Discover the Key to Happiness: How Your Money Choices Affect Your Joy

Hear the stories of people who found happiness beyond having money. From a professional athlete dealing with frustration to a hardworking bartender with a substantial retirement account, "Swing the Hammer" shares lessons on using money wisely to bring joy, gratitude, and meaningful connections into your life.

2. The Four Essential Rules for Stronger Marriages: Navigating Finances Together

Learn the rules for a strong financial partnership in marriage. "Swing the Hammer" provides practical advice for couples to discuss, plan, and face financial challenges while building resilience. Explore real-life stories, from couples facing financial struggles to those who are financially secure, all working to strengthen their marriages.


3. Teaching Kids About Money: Practical Lessons for a Secure Future

Explore the mission of "Swing the Hammer" to eliminate financial insecurity by sharing practical financial wisdom. Learn simple rules of organization, perspective, and purpose that have helped people lead happier lives. The book provides tools to teach kids about money, ensuring they develop a healthy relationship with finances for a solid foundation in adulthood.

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Meet the Author

Brian Parker Sullivan, financial planner, author, and public speaker, is recognized for his "money therapy" services for couples. With over 20 years at Fiscal Dynamics, Inc., he serves as the senior planner, and holds two master's degrees and various industry certifications and licenses. Residing in Avon, Connecticut, with his wife and two children, Brian extends his influence beyond finance. He has contributed to charitable boards, offering advice, and has lectured at law schools and libraries, showcasing his commitment to community engagement and knowledge dissemination.

Speaking Appearances

Avon Free Public Library

Avon, CT

Canton Public Library

Canton, CT

Farmington Library

Farmington, CT

Simsbury Public Library

Simsbury, CT

Noah Webster Library

West Hartford, CT

Quinnipiac University School of Law

Hamden, CT

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